How blockchain helps in cloud storage?

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Block chain is the new technology that has taken over the internet and, this technology has been always been the talk of the tech to ensure that it delivers maximum results on time. Blockchain Technology is the most important tools of invention which has been a boon to mankind and has now found a prominent place in the field of technology. Blockchain Technology is one of the greatest inventions of today.
Looking at the recent trends, it’s always important to see the technology being driven in the right direction with the right approach and right attitude towards using it properly. What happens when the most important integration blockchain can be of some help to us by being the most innovative one when it gets integrated with cloud computing.

Have you thought about how can this help your enterprise or businesses for that matter?
Cloud storage

Well, there was a time earlier wherein we knew about only the HDD’s, CD’s, pen drives, Floppy disks (not in specific order) and, we never knew that this would mean a big change in the tech industry completely. As and when the technology advanced all we were made to see and work on Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, etc which are considered to be one of the best and the basic examples of cloud storage.
Gone are the days when we would save and, buy the other devices for storing data which obviously meant a lot of time, money and efforts spent on the same. With knowing what the tech had to offer and, also what the technology was about to do – in terms of creating wonders in the industry, we were just getting acquainted with new, recent, refined cloud storage which could help us to get easy access to our data anytime and anywhere from any corner of the world.
Now the worry of taking and storing data anywhere and, everywhere is a different case scenario as users are allowed to store our data online and hence access it anywhere and at any time — that’s the biggest advantage. Nowadays, we store all data in the digital format, having moved beyond the stage of managing bundles of physical files. Most of government agencies are also leveraging the advantages of cloud storage and availing the benefits of public and private clouds to store, manage and manipulate data. All the data stored in the cloud is encrypted and cloud services are available under a range of SLAs, covering data integrity and privacy. Most of the companies are now have their own cloud offerings such as Samsung Cloud, iCloud, MI cloud and, they have been expanding at an exponential rate.

Blockchain in Cloud Computing

Blockchain in cloud storage – how does it work?

The Blockchain cloud storage solutions take the user’s data and then fragments into small chunks. Post which a layer of security is added to this and, the same thing gets distributed throughout the network. This is only and only possible when it can be done using additional blockchain features like the hashing function, public/private key encryption and transaction ledgers. Every fragment that we spoke or mentioned is stored in a decentralized location. In the worst-case scenario, even when the intruders try to hack into it, they first get the encrypted data, and only then they can get access to a chunk of the data and not the whole file – yes this is how secured the data can be still, as it secures documents in blockchain-based cloud storage.

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One more aspect that we can mention here is that – the owner’s identity is hidden since the node does not store the owner’s data. The miner will only get a chunk of data and, hence the sensitive information is protected and secured. Data redundancy and load balancing mechanisms are applied for high availability and quick access. Whenever a user tries to fetch data, all chunks of the data are first validated and if any alteration is found on a data chunk, then the miner who altered the data chunk is removed from the network, and that altered part is taken from another redundant copy. Thus, all users get original and identical copies of the data. Looking at how safe this is, most new companies have barged into this and, this is actually helping the business take a shape as well. That’s the only reason precisely why the cloud storage costs are lowered and all the entities that participate can also get paid.
Companies like Amazon and Storj are now creating systems for paying some small amount to such participants who are providing extra storage from their computers. So, in the near future, we can see many more cloud storage providers moving to this technology.
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