Golang Web Development: Best Programming Language in 2020

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Golang is one of the population programming languages that was created by Ken Thompson, Rob Pike, and Robert Griesemer in the year 2007 at Google. Golang technology is quite similar to C language, though it also possesses a few additional features. These include Memory safety, concurrency, and Garbage collection. 

The set of tools offered by Golang assists the ineffective management of objects available in quite an efficient manner. In addition to this, it also helps you to use memory effectively. In comparison to similar other platforms, Golang has been able to achieve immense popularity and recognition since it provides a complete package of best features coming from various programming languages. 

All of this makes Golang one of the most powerful and efficient technological tools of recent times. 

Reasons why Golang is Popular In Comparison to Other Programming Languages 

1.Achieve Best Performance 

Due to its unbeatable popularity and vast community, it is quite easy to hire Golang developers since their availability is quite at ease. Another benefit is that it is able to compile a program into native code without the requirement of an interpreter. This is quite similar to the case of C and C++. This helps in an improved and faster execution process.

 Due to the absence of a virtual machine, power utilization is minimized, thereby offering your applications with seamless performance.

2.Compilation and Execution Speed 

The main reason why the speed of compilation and execution process is fast in the case of the Golang platform is because of the direct compilation of code into the machine code. The process mainly depends upon the type of OS you are making use of. The instruction set pertaining to the machine code, too, is organized in a quick manner. 

Your program can now be assembled and excitedly faster with the help of the command ‘Go Run Command’ that is offered by the Golang language. 

3.Portable and Reliable 

Another reason why companies that use Golang tend to achieve their goals is because of the fact that Golang is quite dependable and portable. The code is immediately compiled into the machine code, and the resulting binaries tend to become portable. The statistical linking of these binaries takes place at the time when the program is running. This happens while Golang creates binary code for the particular OS. 

4.Static Typing and Concurrency Support

Being a programming language that involves static typing, Go Language immensely supports concurrency. This platform asks you to declare the function’s arguments and variables during the time of compilation. 

This feature is totally advantageous since it largely eliminates errors while the program gets compiled. Because of such benefits, many of the top app development companies now look up-to Golang as a preferred language. 

5.Language Design and Standard Library 

The advantages of Golang also include it’s highly responsive design as it has been successfully established by the Go designers. This makes the language all the more simple for the web app developers to learn the language. Also, being a blockchain, this language is known to offer standard libraries that are quite robust. 

This offers great help to developers who can then easily avoid third party packages. 

Advantages of Golang Development Services 

  • Golang in IoT 

Golang is a perfect choice for IoT platforms, mainly because of the exceptional amounts of benefits it offers. This platform is able to connect numerous IoT devices that are able to develop real-time reports. These reports are created through the application of numerous technologies besides the use of Golang.

 A combination of IoT end Golang will be able to enhance the concurrency, device usability, and scalability to a great extent. Golang also supports packages that are rich in features and can be easily imported with the help of the Golang package manager. 

  • Golang in Blockchain

By building blockchain with Golang, one can easily achieve increased efficiency and speed since the language is comparatively more superior to JavaScript and Python. It is quite simple to locate the packages and libraries in order to turn the popular technologies such as Ethereum Virtual Machine into working in a quite natural manner. 

  • Golang For AI Applications 

One of the best choices of language for building AI applications is the use of Go language, thanks to the amazing benefits it offers. AI applications built by Go language have improved customer interaction, financial planning, and user experience. 

Such types of applications employ self-correction and machine learning technologies to work in a similar fashion as that of the human brain. AI applications that are based on the Golang platform have a consistent requirement of libraries for extraction, visualization, and processing. 

golang web development

Why Use Golang For Developing Business Applications?

Due to its emerging popularity, Golang is now being adopted by top web app development companies in order to develop their technology products. Let us have a look at some of the most prominent advantages offered by the platform to various businesses. 

1.Suitable for a wide range of Apps 

Being a flexible platform, Golang is actually capable of catering to the requirements from diverse industries that include machine learning, network programming, media, and many more. 


Golang web development does not particularly require spending a huge amount of money on your business projects. The applications that are developed based on Golang get compiled into machine code. This aids in faster performance and run as compared to the applications that are developed using other platforms. 

3.Reaches Broader Range of Audience due to better performance

Being a compiled programming language, Golang has popularly opted for Golang app development as well as Golang Mobile App development. The reason for its intended popularity is that the applications based on Golang offer the best performance and amazing user experience. 

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Moreover, apps developed based on Golang demand lesser system resources, and therefore users can enjoy the apps even on their older devices. Due to this reason, the platform tends to target a large spectrum of audience, ultimately resulting in the success of the app. 

5.Improves App Stability 

Golang android app development is a technology that is trending more often, mainly because of the numerous advantages offered by the platform underuse. Golang comes along with a concurrency model due to which it tends to consume lesser RAM. This enables the app to run effortlessly in generating background just as a type of single process. 

In this way, the Golang platform is able to part features such as reduction of risk related to app crashing and improved stability. 

6.Golang developers are easy to Hire 

Backend development with Golang is now turning out to be a less burdensome task mainly because of the sufficient availability of Golang developers. Due to its ever-growing popularity, the number of developers itself has been increasing tremendously. This has been encouraging various businesses to hire expert Golang developers quite easily. 

Final Thoughts 

In recent years, the traction of the Golang language among different activities has been witnessing a tremendous rise in comparison to other programming languages. So if you wish to achieve top-class and feature-rich Golang web applications, then make sure to get in touch with the most reliable Golang development servicesOpting for a top Golang development company will help you build web applications that are secure, fast, and quite easy to scale. 


Yes, the Golang language will definitely turn out to be all the more popular in the near future. This is mainly because of its capability to resolve the problems caused by the existing languages. The language being reliable and simple is the best choice for you to succeed. 

Yes, Golang is multithreaded since it tends to combine a coroutine and green thread that is quite lightweight, which undergoes dynamic growth as and when required. 

Golang language offers you multiple benefits such as offering the best performance, impressive execution and compilation speed, reliability, portability, and lot more. 

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