Why Going ‘Mobile-Only’ is Better

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Why Going ‘Mobile-Only’ is Better

The Mobilegeddon update for Google’s algorithm, which came out last year has entirely revamped the way the businesses are perceived, thanks to the mobile revolution! . With this significant transformation, searches are now more optimized to display web-pages, with the mobile interface, as an high priority.
Google, knowing that there are certain sects, who would be more accessible to desktop friendly version, still displays the web interface in a friendlier manner. . The answer to whether going mobile-only would be beneficial, still depends a lot on how the current digital trend progresses.

The Current Trend:

Gone are the times when mobile screens were considered to be secondary screens. For some customers, they are the primary and sometimes the only screen. For the current tech – freaks gen, which is always in the go, hopping from one app to other and having more social virtual avatars, smartphone is the only device that keeps them on the toes! It is also highly observed that in the online retail businesses, majority of the online purchases are done through smartphones and mobile apps in particular. This is primarily the reason, why every business is focusing on having a well-established app of its own. This in turn, can also lead to a day, when all the businesses would be “On the Go” or give rise to a “Mobile – First Trend” phenomenon.

Why the customers might like or hate the mobile-only transition:

For some customers who still do not have access to a good smartphone and those who still find
the conventional desktop sites easier to browse rather the existing mobile versions, this mobile only option isn’t a welcome change. For the rest of the enthusiastic shoppers and people using the mobiles for day-today purpose, this mobile-only option is the best for them. Currently, some quarter of the internet users are hardly accessing desktops, as they belong to the eminent mobile brigade!

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How going mobile-only will impact businesses:

There are two sides to this debate. One there might be some short-term adverse effects, if businesses decide to go mobile-only too soon. Secondly, when transitioned at a healthy pace, it will definitely surpass the expectations!

Some points for fodder:
  • A lot of multi-screening as well as channel-hopping instances could be avoided when the businesses go mobile only. As against the desktop browser, screen switching is found to happen pretty less on mobile browsers. This means a less distracted user experience. The lesser distractions, less chances of the user abandoning the page. With online retailers, this is a beneficial factor. When browsing on the desktop sites, if there are distracting ads leading them to other websites, possibly those of the competitors, then the probability of the user making the purchase from the actual site he logged into might be reduced.
  • Sales funnel is pretty straightforward with a mobile version specifically the mobile app. With reduced number of clicks and easier navigation option on the apps, users tend to find it easier and quicker to place an order. This significantly improves the conversion rates.
  • A dedicated & a focused platform means the businesses can design a more directed approach in perfecting the single available channel to offer the best user experience, making it easier to track the progress as well.
  • Most mobile app logins are only from customers who are genuinely interested in the company’s products or services. While on the desktop site, there are a lot of cases of chance users who are just browsing with no concrete intent of doing a business. Though this might increase the traffic to your website, it will fail to give you an idea about the prospective customers to focus on. But through mobile version, you could get a clearer picture of the target group to concentrate on and direct your marketing campaigns.

Mobile-only version makes it easy to design & launch a focused marketing campaign. Going mobile-only, is indeed worth the shot! But, the pace of transition and adapting to this latest trend would impact the results as well. Whether it is the best approach would depend on your business and your target customer segment.
So, go get going ahead with the best approach suiting your business needs & get the successful figures escalating the charts soon!

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