Trends in Enterprise Mobility to look out – 2017

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With the advent and steady progress which mobile technology trends has made over the last decade, it’s fair to say that a majority of today’s enterprises firmly believe in the power of mobility and the important role it could possibly play in their businesses. After all, it is predicted that at least 80% of the world’s smart device market shall be taken up by smartphones and tablets during the year 2017.
With mobility taking up the topmost priority in a majority of enterprises, it’s fair to say that in a competitive market, one can no longer afford to stay behind in terms of enterprise mobility. In order to stay as creative as possible in terms of developing new apps, one needs to have a robust and aggressive approach in order to fully take advantage of the power of mobility through the very latest of trends.
With these points to ponder, below are the latest trends in enterprise mobility to look out for in 2017:

1. Adapting to the Cloud

With today’s adoption of mobile devices, it’s rational to say that vast amount of data is accumulated on a daily basis. The data needs a form of storage that the cloud generally seems to accommodate. The Cloud is a prominent form of technology allowing one to integrate and synchronize apps developed for multiple devices. The progress of internet connectivity has allowed easier access to this. It also allows enterprises to host their apps through it allowing for an easier transition of data collection. There’s no doubting that this technology will have a significant impact in the times to come.

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2. Web Security

Taking hints from the points mentioned above, data safety and confidentiality has always been a cause for concern for a majority of organizations. This is fair in the events of cyber-crimes that have been quite prominent over the last couple of years. But regardless of new security protocols being written every-day, there is always a sense of uncertainty as to whether centers will be hacked or exploited. 2017 could see the adoption of safe mobile app development platforms to ensure a higher sense of security to safeguard more critical information.

3. More Wearable Devices & IoT

The last few years have seen popularity gain over the concept of wearable devices. So much so that many brands have incorporated them as a part of their device ecosystem. Devices such as fitness bands, smart watches and even eye glasses continue to make headway. This trend of wearables has further been rapidly evolving following their ability to be integrated with other devices such as smartphones and tablets. With IoT also expected to gain a severe enhancement in the coming years, expect a push on such wearable devices as well.

4. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

It’s no secret that many organizations restrict its employees from bringing in and using their own devices in the workplace. This is a fair assumption on the fact that such organizations choose to keep their workflow in check avoiding any leaks in the process as well. More organizations have slowly begun placing a freedom on the idea of BYOD. This means allowing employees the right to access their work related data and information from their own personal devices at any given place and time. More organizations are becoming flexible with this concept, so that it will improve the overall productivity of its own employees in the future.

5. The Rise of Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are something of the future. What was once seen in futuristic films are now a reality. The idea of having an assistant on your smart device to even perform your daily tasks is gaining attention. While it’s still in the early phases, the idea of an AI that can make practical decisions is not a far cry away by any means. There’s no denying that virtual assistants have the potential to improve enterprise mobility customer services among other things. With that in mind, it’s only a matter of time before virtual assistants become important to customer acquisition, conversion, and retention in the future.
There’s a lot 2017 holds for us and while these are a handful of things we expect to see in the future, there’s quite a lot happening that we don’t fully know. It’s only a matter of time before all is truly revealed.

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