Enterprise Mobility and its growth curve

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These are the days of flexible work culture. The high growth rate in technology made the offices come closer to an individual, where an office is available in one’s own mobile. Enterprise mobility in simple words is where employees take advantage of mobile devices and cloud computing to work out of the office. Office applications are made available on mobile devices with full data security. Enterprise mobility strategizes the companies to liberalize data usage by employees anywhere outside office premises with certain data integrity policies and employee agreement to the same. There is a huge demand in the current market for enterprise mobility where the business strategies have their own changing definitions of capturing the market.

An employee’s personal system can be used from anywhere during the business visits. One can do a presentations and access company’s information to present at client’s location. From recent survey, it is evident that incredible revenue is being generated through flexible working which is possible up to a great extent by enterprise mobility. Security is the major concern in the enterprise mobility market. Currently, a number of security applications that are advanced as a mobile application development are available that deal with separation of corporate and personal data. These apps give individuals a secured access to the data based on their role in the company. Moreover, individuals can monitor network security on their devices on a regular basis. The most preferred devices for mobile application in this context are tablets and smart phones.

App Development

The key drivers for enterprise mobility to penetrate in to the market are proliferation in availability of high-end technology at low cost. Although, there is an increasing awareness of enterprise mobility application in the various fields and their uses are enormous, many companies still are in learning stages. They are getting ready to adapt this new technology, which may take some more years. The growth in enterprise mobility market is suitable for both service providers as well as the entrepreneurs. Wherein, employers get connected to clients and employees through mobility applications; and service providers need to design new applications for the convenient utilization by the entrepreneurs.

Growth Curve:

On an average the annual growth rate of enterprise mobility is about 39%, and is expected to spread across healthcare markets, manufacturing companies, financial sectors, commercial banking, government, and legal departments. Over the period of next four years there will be a significant growth in the enterprise mobility market.

1.Especially, these technologies are standardized by restraining unauthorized personnel usage of company data, mobile device security, and infrastructural standards maintenance.
2.Comprehensive platforms are provided by vendors where business solutions are provided to the employers with safety and security of data and a free-hand to employees to utilize the technology and enable business growth.
3.Data Security solutions are provided majorly in case of loss or theft of the device, which poses a serious threat to the data available in the device. Security is provided by device locks, wipe data, and so on.
4.Revenue in Enterprise mobile app development worldwide on estimation is going to increase from $ 838 million to $ 3,112 million on an average.

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