What is DevOps?Guide on DevOps Process Flow & Implementation

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DevOps is related to the blend of development and operations. There are crucial steps that are involved from the initial stage to the final stage of the product. As everything follows a continuous life cycle, the same is the case with DevOps as it goes from one phase to another. The DevOps development company is in the leading market to provide various solutions to the programmers to achieve after continuously undergoing certain steps.  In 2018, about 7% hike was witnessed since the previous year’s (10%), which followed DevOps phases completely.

To know about the complete cycle and procedure of the development phase, let’s have a glimpse of the guide map of DevOps.

The Life cycle of DevOps 

Most of the people who are not aware of this blend will surely ask what is DevOps and what are the various DevOps tools to cater to the programmer needs? To understand this concept, let’s know about the life cycle of DevOps.

1.Continuous development

Various DevOps projects that need to be completed by the developers. The very first phase of DevOps to continue with any further work is to know the objective of the application. 

If you are aware of the objectives that your customer aspires from you, then you can start with the right development procedure. Once you are aware of the objectives, you can go on further steps.

If the foundation step is strong, then you can step further without any sort of hesitation. After this step, you can have your code generated and work with the project’s further titbits.

2.Continuous integration

To make an efficient application with a great amount of reliability, DevOps best practices need to be practiced. Various high-quality DevOps services are provided by prominent companies to cater to their customers. 

Testing is one of the major steps that are essential for any project development. In this step, testing of the project takes place, and other steps start with this phase.

You will try to understand the code production after this phase. Once you are done with this, you can proceed further. Continuous integration is the major step in the life cycle of the DevOps.

3.Continuous testing

DevOps, as a service, is a very innovative field that supports the customers and checks their actions before launching the actual product in the market. 

Testing is the most critical step in the project development phase. If your project is not tested and launched without any testing, then it is prone to many such problems that the programmer can’t even think of.

If the programmer wants to make an efficient program, then to test in with the live conditions is very important. DevOps developers have made tremendous developments in this field to prove their mettle. If the testing phase is done properly, you can go with other phases efficiently.

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4.Continuous monitoring

DevOps in development has shown various terrific results in this techno world. To understand the DevOps process flow, it is essential to know about various life cycle processes of DevOps. 

Monitoring is an important step for application development. You have to properly monitor your application and see what the outputs are your program is providing and whether these outputs are acceptable. 

In this phase, the changes in the trends are observed and are recorded carefully so that the best possible decision for the application can be taken. Proper analysis of the application must take place so that no end-user will complain about any problem.

5.Continuous feedback

There is various azure DevOps cost provided by the DevOps consulting companies. Various companies provide DevOps solutions. There are various benefits of DevOps. 

Continuous feedback is one of the most important steps for any sort of development. If you consider the feedback of the customers, then you can grow efficiently in your brand. Effective feedback plays a vital role in telling the programmers what the shortcomings they are facing in using the application are. 

If you want to grow rapidly, then make sure to respect the views of your customers. With the help of continuous feedback, you can launch new versions of the application with more innovations.

6.Continuous deployment

It not only benefits the programming but DevOps benefits for business in great terms. To follow the DevOps methodology, you should consider complete deployment as a major and crucial step for the application.

The application is deployed to check that your program can handle large traffic, and the coding does not get affected in any sort. It is used to increase the functionality of the application so that more consumers get attracted to it.

7.Continuous operations

Various companies that use DevOps to maintain their operations. DevOps companies maintain good records of their consumers.  

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With the advancements in technology, the operations performed by the DevOps becomes more efficient. The manufacturer always keeps an eye on the operations performed by the application so that the efficient working of the application can take place.

Measurements of DevOps ROI

DevOps companies provide DevOps platform for the customers to enrich their skills. There are various measures in which you can have a check on the DevOps ROI to bore fruits for your project. Some of the techniques are:

  • Software development costs

Money is one of the major aspects that we should never neglect for considering the development of an application. One should always keep a check on the cost of the application so that the producer knows the hourly cost of developing the application by the developer.

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One should always manage the costs as per the budget or funding for the application so that you need not suffer in the future for your project. It is never advisable to sacrifice your application for the sake of money, so make proper calculations.

You don’t need any expertise to keep a check on all these things, but you can manage all this by being a bit vigilant.

  • Cost of process introduction

You should always know what are the processes that are being added to your project or what are the new costs that will be added due to these processes. The old processes need money in addition to new processes so that the total investment of the project remains intact.

Always be aware of what is happening with your application and project and what the new requirements are so that you can make apt changes as and when required. It is very important to match the speed of processes with the new cost so that the investments need not suffer.

  • Cost savings

It is never advisable to recklessly spend the money without realizing the integral area for the DevOps. You should better understand the areas from where you can cut the cost and save your money to the desired extent so that you can use it in the required area.

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You should successfully implement the DevOps, where they need specific emphasis as compared to the areas that are of no major concern. With the help of small cost savings from undesired areas, the overall financial advantage can be achieved.

  • Identifying benefitting areas

Now, this is the major field where you have to pay more emphasis. You need to recognize the areas that are getting most of the benefits due to DevOps and cost savings.

You should check your important areas not frequently but surely in once in every six months or at least once a year so that you can get vivid information about the performance and the production of the application.

Here is a video that helps us in Understanding Devops Process Flow in more detail.

Benefits of DevOps

Numerous benefits of DevOps will help you to get an edge over the other technologies present in the IT sector. Some of them are:

  • Faster delivery time

DevOps makes the development process very fast and efficient for an application. You can have a large number of feedbacks as well as views at a very fast rate.

  • Great consumer experience

DevOps makes it very friendly for the consumers to know and analyze the strategies of the development technique and make them quick as per their needs.

Devops Life Cycle

  • Early defect detection

If you are a fan of DevOps, then surely you are not going to face any sort of difficulties at the last major step of the application development. You are going to get a flawless app for your requirements.

  • Continuous release and deployment

With the advancing technologies, it becomes essential to go with the pace and maintain a good repo between the releasing and deployment of the application so that the customers are at a super benefit from this, and they start relying on you.

  • Innovative minds

With the help of DevOps, when the development team is done with their work, then they have ample time to use their innovative minds and bring a new feature for their devices so that customers are happy with the application.

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Bottom Line

DevOps is the most innovative technology that you can use to build your application so that it does not suffer from any shortcomings. It is one of the greatest boons given to us to keep an eye on our actions at every step of the application development. You just need to be vigilant to undergo through all the phases of DevOps so that you can build an efficient application.


DevOps is required to understand the development phases more minutely so that the programmer knows the strong and weak points for a particular phase so that there should be no problem in the overall product. 

Agile has the main focus on the methodology followed for developing software while DevOps deal with the development as well as the deployment of the software.

Yes, it is very important to follow DevOps’ continuous cycle because without crossing one phase of the cycle, you can’t jump to another phase and start developing your application.

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