Top 10 Trends in CX-Customer Experience Transformation [Updated 2020]

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Technologies are developing at a very rapid rate, and their advancements depend largely upon the customer experience transformation. When the customers start giving their reviews on various products, brands know how to improve their performance so that the customers remain intact with their company. According to a source, around 40% of digital analytics will comprise of the user or customer experience.

If one brand doesn’t get the real essence of customer experience transformation definition, they will surely face it one day or the other because customers have the sole power to help grow your brand or defame your name. 

10 Best CX Transformation Trends for 2020

There are various popular trends in which digital transformation companies are proving their mettle in customer experience transformation. Let’s have a small glimpse of them:

  • Mobile-First Approach

Nowadays, people are highly dependent on the internet for making any sort of decisions, and customer experience digital transformation is one of the most burning trends. The latest trends in 2018 showed that about 1/3rd of the entire internet population use their mobile phones for usage.

People don’t carry their desktops everywhere, so the need for the hour to switch to customized and better mobile experiences. Those browsers that we’re able to understand the changing needs and were supporting the digital transformation framework were the ones that started getting large priority over the other browsers. 

The mobile-first approach is a basic approach to prioritize customers using mobile-based customer delivery so that they can have the edge over others.

  • Voice Commerce

No one in this age is devoid of Alexa’s knowledge by Amazon that responds to your voice commands and helps you perform various actions while searching. It is such a technology that is designed for customer experience creating value through transforming customer journeys. 

There is a huge impact of digital transformation on customer experience. There are a large number of brands that are selling their viable products through voice commerce. 

The main focus behind developing such a smart speaker is that they can understand human language and comprehend the results accordingly. When customers start getting intuitive results, they start developing a new sense of liking, and as a result, the brand starts flourishing.

  • Transformation of data into insights 

The big question – What is the connection between digital transformation and customer experience? This is the most critical question that always haunts your mind. Now, the brands have started giving services to the customers based on their choices.

When the customers buy various products from a brand, then that brand starts analyzing the taste of the customers and sends him further products as per his choices so that he can get good opportunities even without asking.

When a brand takes proper care of its customer needs and provides them with the offers and products when they need them, that proves to be of a significant benefit to the brand’s position. 

All these things are done with the help of predictive analysis, for which most of the companies are spending a lot to give the best to the customers at a suitable time. It helps the businesses to attract the bulk of customers in favor.

  • Chatbots Automation

Numerous digital transformation examples that are leading this techno world. Messaging has become one of the most common ways to have a conversation with anyone. 

Most of the leading brands with the help of Artificial Intelligence have stepped forward to provide this facility to the customers in which they can have a chat experience with their live questions. They can get instant replies to their queries based on data analysis and advanced predictive analysis.

These chatbots are designed with the feature of sentiment analysis to understand the state of mind of the customers and give them an apt solution for their problem. 

Digital transformation consulting has come over a long way to boost this field so that people can rely on the brands and don’t have any dilemma in taking some decisions. 

  • Omnichannel Customer Experience

Every brand wants to have an end to end relationships with their customers so that they can provide them with the best, so their knot of relation only gets stronger and not gets lighten.

Brands go with various types of omnichannel through which they can understand their customer in a better personal way and enhance the level of interactions with them so that they can start building up their trust.

customer transformation

Various brands create customer experience strategies so that they can give them a marvelous experience and that at every channel within the range so that the customer feels happy with the services.

  • Video marketing

The digital transformation framework has given new digital transformation solutions to get ahead in the race of setting trends in the market. Approximately 97% of people can understand the products more clearly with the help of videos.

With the help of videos, the companies can have a long-lasting impact on the customer’s view and connect them more realistically. A video should be designed in such a way that it should know what the triggered audience is and what do they want from a product.

When all these things are depicted from the video, your product gets a large scale involvement in the market, and it is always a better way to depict something with visuals than to speak it verbally.

  • Augmented reality

With the advancing Augmented Reality, a storm has come up in the digital transformation technologies. This technique can cater to the needs of online and offline businesses and on a large scale.

This is the latest technique to provide the customers with the training of the staff as it will take place in real-time, and the staff can experience their job as it would be in reality.

If customers are interested in buying different products, then AR plays a crucial role in helping them to take decisions. They can have a trial run of the product with this newly evolving technology without even buying it, which will assure them that their product is worth the cost.

  • Increased security measure

Various benefits of digital transformation that have helped to set various digital transformation trends in the market. If you are sharing your details with the company, then you must be thinking that is your information safe with them? Or are they trying to manipulate your privacy?

You need not worry about your data because the company has the utmost concern withholding your privacy, and they invest a huge amount of their revenues in the security features.

They don’t prefer to have open-source investments because anyone can access them and tamper your information. So, they always use proprietary software to secure and safeguard your credentials.

You can do your business purchases and other interactions with the company without any sort of hesitation because you are at a safe spot.

  • Predictive analytics

Digital transformation consulting providers are trying their best to provide the customers with the best possible features so that they can show their loyalty towards them. There are many digital transformations leading companies that are showing terrific results in this field. 

Customers enjoy services from those brands that can predict their needs and their time of need as soon as possible. Large brand names invest a large amount of money in predictive analysis tools.

A large investment is required in these tools so that the maximum number of customers remain with the company for a longer duration. When the company starts predicting their customer needs and start providing them with the product of their needs, then they become their favorite.

Predictive analysis work by recollecting details of the customers from their previous purchases and understanding their persona and pattern of products. This will help the tools to give efficient results.

  • Help customers in real-time with video interaction

How better it would be when you can have a visual depiction of everything? With the help of varying video interaction methods, the user can know what he is going to buy and does it worth it or not.

With the help of video interactions, customers can easily interact with the companies and help them in real-time assistance in case of any difficulty. All these interactions help to resolve the problem and find the root cause of the problem and give instant ways to help the customers if they are stuck.


Yes, it is very important to go with the digital ways while proving with the customer experience transformations because as the technologies are advancing, no one wants to stand behind others, and these digital ways help them to get an edge over others.

No, all the customers are treated according to their previous approaches, and everyone is dealt with according to the predictive analysis. So, no two customers are handled in the same way.

As all the tasks are done on digital modes, so one of the main risks becomes the setup of a particular type of way to deal with the customers that roughly requires approximately six months. 

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