Craft the Perfect Slogan for Your Business

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“Taste the thunder”; “Utterly Butterly Delicious”; “I’m lovin it” – sounds familiar, doesn’t it?
Well, well, well, for all of us who have been synonymous with these products would be easily able to recognize the products and their taglines or captions as by far they are the registered in our minds and have made someplace in our daily lives. Taking the same ahead as a reference, this only proves one thing – Effective & Strong Brand Entity.
Brands – They are indeed a reflection of what the company or the product is about. According to Forbes – The first definition of “brand” is the name given to a product or service from a specific source.  Used in this sense, “brand” is similar to the current meaning of the word “trademark.” A brand awareness in any industry gives that company an edge. Brand awareness accomplishes several objectives for companies seeking to increase sales in the marketplace and also getting the others or the external world know more about the “Brand”, in any sector.

For the booming IT sector which has always been a witnessed its own share of up’s & down’s, altogether moving along with the cutting – edge technologies, which is always getting a new idea/ product born giving rise to new technologies; it really becomes important for a brand to sustain it’s brand value across the times to come along with creating new benchmarks or parameters in terms of maintaining its own value for its stakeholders, investors and people at large.
We are Mobinius – a renowned global techno – solutions provider, aiming at providing hi– tech solutions with an cohesive approach and disruptive technologies across various spectrums ranging from automation, construction, education, information technology, logistics, travel, healthcare & pharma etc. We believe in creating and sustaining a long term brand entity not only for internal stakeholders, but also for public at large – comprising of our stakeholders, customers, media, government associations, educational institutions, industrial or member associations etc.

Slogan Mobinius – Doing IT Better
We did think and prod a lot on what IT has to offer us. Is it just the technology, solutions, services, products or is there anything which we could sum up and extract something which would mean a lot to audience at large. There were different thoughts spanning across the mind which meant a lot for speaking about deliverables, quality output, best practices, awards, celebrations, people’s entity etc., which definitely meant a lot to us as we obviously hold the brand closer as that is what defines us!
Putting our thinking caps on and brain storming sessions we finally zeroed on – “doing IT better”!
Since we are into the domain of serving people by offering our turnkey services and solutions across several verticals – we decided to have an amalgamation of all the services, solutions, new technologies, different creative thoughts, keeping it simplistic – that’s what we are – we decided to finalise this tagline comprising of the entire IT in a nutshell. When we talk or refer to IT, it means that it encompasses the entire information technology solutions as offered – aptly called as bouquet of services under one umbrella! This defines our core strength, enabling us to reach not only to the SME’s, but also working with them as they are touted to be next Fortune 500 companies in the making. This also distinguishes us from all the other brands in the market / Tier 3 or 2 segment and allowing us to broaden our horizons – expanding and making it more accessible to spread our reach to other areas and making it happen with our best techies & creative thinkers and doer’s by – “doing IT better”!

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