Why choose AngularJS for web application development?

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Why choose AngularJS for web application development?

As an open-source framework with the powerful support from Google, AngularJS has risen to be one of the most popular choices for web application development. With its wide spectrum of beneficial features, this one is a favorite among the developers looking to develop client-side applications. The dependability it offers also makes it a go-to option for web application development. It is hard to believe that it is less than a decade since this framework was introduced. It has steadily covered a huge segment of the market. We also see that it is a framework that has a promising future.
Today, even if it is a small business having a strong internet presence, it has a massive impact on the growth. So businesses now look for dependable web applications which offer a great customer experience. For such applications, AngularJS continues to be on the list of the favorites. Here are the advantages of AngularJS that offers for web application development:

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1. The Use of Declarative Paradigm:

Declarative programming is a favorite among developers mainly because of the simpler readability and code usability. The brevity of the code is one other benefit that cannot be ignored. Consider a conventional JavaScript code for a particular function. If you compare an AngularJS code for the same function you would find the code to be very much shorter than its JS counterpart. Shorter the code, easier is the error detection and recovery.

2. Backed up by the Strongest Community:

Google’s support and the various strongly knit communities of Google’s products need no introduction. The same applies to AngularJS as well. Developers from the core team, aspiring AngularJS developers, the forum is active and huge. The online resources available to advance in the AngularJS path are almost limitless. One could also get regular updates on everything that is new in the world of Angular from the community. The fact that this framework has been developed by Google gives it the credibility factor that many other JS frameworks lack. This makes it a reliable choice for those looking to build consistent web applications.

3. Easy to Adopt:

For those who are already working on HTML or JavaScript frameworks, Angular is pretty simple to adopt. If you are currently working on HTML you could use it as a template language for web development. An AngularJS app itself is pretty simple to complete. Apprehending few parameters to the existing HTML would be all that is required. It is a matter of minutes. If you are a total beginner Google has it taken care of. The tutorial you would be able to find online would give you all the information you might need and again, you have an interactive closely-knit forum for support as well.

4. The MVC Architecture:

MVC models have always been preferred for web applications. These are known to hasten the development processes. AngularJS has been known to offer these benefits as well. The framework’s MVC model comes in handy when you are building SPA’s (single page application). This is one of the few frameworks that doesn’t require the tedious process of segmenting the app into many MVC components and then rejoining them. This is all done automatically with AngularJS. There is $http service included with Angular which allows the developer better control over data processing.

5. Use of Directives in Coding:

Though there are several perks to using AngularJS the availability of the directives is one of the most favorite among the developers. Semantic expression of application specifications is possible in AngularJS. Directives are reusable chunks of code that can help collate functionalities. You would be able to find all the relatable functionality features in one place and can thus reuse these as and when required. These are independent codes which are easy to use. In the end, you would have a more organized code thanks to the multiple directives present. You can aim at enhancing the productivity by shifting your focus on the creation of logics.

6. SPA Oriented Features:

Think SPA’s the best choice out there is AngularJS. AngularJS forms an integral part of making the developed single page applications more robust. You can also build responsive SPA’s if you choose to use AngularJS framework. Error handling abilities, form validation abilities, and a lot of other aspects make AngularJS a perfectly SPA oriented solution. You would be able to create validates and display error prompts for each of the fields or the form on the whole. If you are looking to create a dynamic page you can easily achieve this by complementing the HTML code with necessary AngularJS attributes. Data processing and formatting are filtered so as to hide all irrelevant information from the user.

7. Impressive Testability:

Developers cannot ignore the ease of testing while developing the code. The more efficient the testing process, the more beneficial would it be for the developers. This would help timely spotting of the errors and quicker recovery and resolutions. This framework is unit testing ready. The Angular modules holding the code components are easy to understand. And as we have already seen, AngularJS codes are shorter and come with better readability. This makes the code manipulation a simpler task. Even if you are considering automation of the testing, you can do so by sorting out the essential components thanks to the module separation option offered. Module loading order is also not a primary concern in the testing of this framework. This makes the overall testing an easy process.
Besides the above-mentioned benefits, AngularJS is known to handle dependencies efficiently. It is also a comprehensive solution to build some great front end applications without the need for any other framework. Building new features or simply adding them to the existing app would also be a breeze with this framework. The easy usability of the framework combined with the many benefits it offers also comes with the added advantage of the superior overall performance making it one of the best choices for web application development.

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