Chatbots for Social Media Marketing

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Chatbots for Social Media Marketing

Marketing done right can result in a significant improvement in the revenue by enhancing the reach of the business. Whenever we mention chatbots, customer service is the one sector where it is commonly associated with. But this is not the only area that can benefit from the smart conversational bots.
Social media has grown so much due to multiple reasons. It is there everywhere. It can be used across various devices. It can help connect people from various corners of the world. It can help instantly update information and reach out to the masses. The power of media, with the enhancement provided in the form of the flexibility factor, the elimination of all communication hurdles and a plethora of other advantages put together make social media so powerful.
Digital marketing became popular because businesses found it effective to use the widespread digital media to propel their marketing campaign. And now with the reach that social media has this has posed itself to be another productive channel for marketing. It has been recently observed that the millennials readily accept chatbots. They find these to be quick and responsive ways to get all the information they want and thus make it easy to place orders as well.

What type of social engagement would really matter to your business?

That is the big question to look at without blindly trying how to use chatbots for social media marketing. Chatbots do not have to replace your current SMM strategies. They simply have to be integrated with the existing system to take it one step further towards creating the desired results. When we talk about social media engagement, for some businesses it is all about the number of views, for some the number of likes and shares matter more. And for the others these are merely numbers that indicate the reach of the promotions and the posts that they update. What would really count would be the actual leads generated from the social media campaigns. The key is to choose the right attributes for the chatbot to make one that gives a good conversion rate. To start with, the choice of the right platform for chatbot development is an essential factor.

Personalization is kind of a big deal!

For the ecommerce players having a chatbot that functions as a personal shopping assistant has shown visible results in the increase in sales. This is the case simply because, when businesses offer a personalized experience, customers are made to feel important. They would welcome relevant content than being bombarded with information that do not matter to them. This is why chatbots can help make social media marketing better. As a tool that is always there, one that is always live and actively collecting information, chatbots can help gather valuable customer information to help create social media campaigns that can actually grab the attention of the existing customers and to generate more leads as well.

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Chatbots would be able to track the customer activity and make smart decisions based on the past orders. This would be able to display relevant content to the customers on the social media pages. By integrating a chatbot with the social media messengers, the time taken to browse and find a product or service and to actually place the order can be cut short. Chatbots are excellent choices for those looking to automate their social media campaigns. Brevity is a key requisite with social media marketing. You need the right data and the right understanding of the customers to craft a social media campaign that is catchy, brief and beneficial. When we say that an understanding of the customers is required, it is an understanding of the customer’s perception of your business, the customer’s reason for opting your business as well as the social media usage of the customer. All these put together would give you the crux of what to amend and what to include in your SMM strategies.

Interact live with your customers with chatbots incorporated in messenger apps

Facebook messenger has helped revolutionize the usage of chatbots. Several small businesses often resort to starting a Facebook page or creating a group for example, to project their business. This often happens long before the business actually gets a website up and running. For several reasons small businesses are known to use social media sites for their business one of them being the ease of use and maintenance. Social media sites are prompt ways to get to people. Customers can be notified even about the changes that you have incorporated on your website. Because the chances of a customer regularly checking your website is pretty less while the chances of the customer checking the social media sites are pretty high. For this reason messenger bots have held a significant position in SMM in the recent times. This allows businesses to automate customer service through messaging apps. Customers can directly have all their questions about the products and services, the purchase process, order tracking and more directly in the messaging app. They can even choose to receive timely notifications about any running promotions through messaging apps. This would allow the customer to directly navigate to the respective promotions page either on the website or the mobile app and reduce the number of clicks and thus the time taken to place an order. This would play a vital role in improving the conversion rates and help push customers down through the sales channels with the least probability of cart abandonment. And after the purchase the messaging bots on social media sites themselves could be used to gather feedback from the customer about their experience to help make the processes better. This would also help gain an insight into the strategies that require changes. Social media messaging bots can also help upselling and cross-selling after the purchase. This would help in two ways. If the customer is not aware of a particular line of products and services that your business offers, cross-selling strategies can help. Another important consideration here is that when customers are recommended relevant products that can either ensure the productive use of the products purchased earlier or help complement their earlier purchases, there are better chances of actually making a sale.
So start with choosing the right platform and build a smart chatbot that really learns from the interactions and help serve customers better through the social media channels where customers of all age groups and demographics are active all-round the clock. This can have a long term impact on the marketing strategy being implemented.

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