How Can You Choose The Best Chatbot Framework For Your Business?

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How Can You Choose The Best Chatbot Framework For Your Business?

We have heard enough about the significance of having a Artificial Intelligence Chatbot. Chatbots can help revolutionize your social media marketing. They can improve sales and can help you provide a better customer experience. But this cannot be achieved with any bot. You need the perfect chatbot which is smart and learns with every interaction. The strategies you incorporate in your chatbot and the platform you use to build one matter the most.
Imagine you have an intelligent bot that can instantly answer customer queries and gather valuable user information and enhance data analytics. It can be a great investment to scale your business. And now imagine a chatbot that is based on a very simple algorithm that can only answer few simple questions. Its responses might appear redundant. Its responses might give away the fact that it is simply an automated system and this would not give the customer the personalized experience. Such chat bots would do more harm than good and would pose as major losses on your investment. If you are only looking for a chatbot that can help in process automation, this can be your cheapest option. But for the bots that would augment the processes and would be placed in a customer facing interface in an enterprise it is better to consider an AI powered bot which is powered by NLP (Natural Language Processing) to make it sound as human-like as possible.
You can choose any API but remember that most of the successful conversational interfaces are built on WebHook APIs mainly because they are fast and responsive. The major decision about choosing the best chatbot platform comes when you decide whether you would be picking a readily available platform or if you would be building a framework. If you have a dedicated team of the best talent that can create a framework to suit your needs then you have your answer. But for others, it is still a simple task now given the easy availability of chatbot platforms. Some of the chatbot solutions providers also have the option to provide a complete package with custom built framework for the bot. This is suitable for those that are looking to avoid the dependencies on the framework provider.

Your Chatbot Should Reflect Your Business

The chatbot should talk to your customers in their language in your business’ natural tone. Having a very friendly casual sounding bot for example, for a B2B interface might not be a good idea but such a chatbot might be welcomed by general customers. Any type of business, be it a big one or a small startup can now choose a chatbot platform to suit their needs. But remember to choose one that comes with very little to no downtime. For this you should choose a reliable platform that has a good track record with negligible amount of crashes and failures. These would be the ones worth investing in.

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The Chatbot Should be Able to Grow With Your Business

It is essential to choose a platform that allows building a chatbot that is scalable. When we talk about scalability it is not just about the addition and removal or features but also the load that can be handled. There might be days when there are too many requests to handle and there might be days when the chatbot might not have too many questions to answer. The chatbot should be flexible to handle both economically without calling for additional expenses. Remember that when the load is less as well as when the load is high there might be a lot of background work that might simultaneously have to be taken care of the chatbot as well. the platform you choose should support creating such a bot.

It is About Being There all the Time

Chatbots are chosen basically to fill the gap that the human resources might leave. Like the non-availability during certain periods of time in a day or during some holidays or during those times when there is a shortage of resources. So the platform should support the creation of a chatbot that can stay live throughout the day.

Create an Impressive Interface and Link It with the Right Data

Using a rigid dataset is old-fashioned. The data volume expands continuously and a chatbot that relies on a preset data might be outdated. So you would have to look for a platform that allows building a chatbot to be linked with the real time database. This would facilitate regular update of reference data for the chatbot. So your chatbot would stay relevant. And this would also help your chatbot to easily update the gathered data. The corresponding employees would also gain automatic access to the gathered data without any delay. The background data analytics functionality integrated in a chatbot goes a long way in providing the best returns for your investment. So choose a platform that allows this to happen. And talking about the interface of the chatbot it should be something that is neither too complicated nor too plain or boring. It should be interactive, and quick. Talk about conversational interfaces, Siri is often on the top of the chart mainly because it is smart and witty. Such traits are worth copying in your chatbot if yours is also a customer facing chatbot. Choose a platform that also has multiple-language support so that the same chatbot can handle all your global customers than requiring you to build one for each geographic region.
Pick a platform that is easy to work with, especially if it is the first chatbot you are launching and if yours is a small business, one that has recently started. After all chatbots are meant to cut down the costs while also improving the customer experience. You definitely do not want something that is very expensive and something that is too complicated for you to handle. Keep the target audience group in mind and analyze the actual scenario where you are integrating the chatbot. This would help you choose the best chatbot framework to grow your business and obtain the best results as well.

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