Benefits of AI in Enterprises

We are all in the era of digital transformation wherein we are dominated by technology namely Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. The benefits are now namely being reaped by enterprises and, the organizations at large. Today, everyone from solopreneurs to SMBs to major corporations are leveraging AI and machine learning to be better. Better collaborators, better experience architects, and better partners for their customers.

Furthermore, organizations are now having a much better approach towards learning & leaning in technologies like AI, ML, creating one’s own NLP and, using AI for cutting-edge applications with at least one of three overarching benefits: reducing costs, boosting efficiency, and driving epic breakthroughs. They’re powerful, they’re tangible, and they’re advantages any organization can get behind. And, not surprisingly, they are fueling the explosive growth of AI and machine learning.

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  1. Reducing costs

    It’s easy to think about automation, as doing the tasks repeatedly. Since the beginning of the businesses humans have often been the only way to get work done. Then, machines began to automate physical labor. Today, with the help of Machine Learning. we are able to automate the increasing mental & physical tasks at the workplace, which helps people to use their valuable time and their efficiency to some other tasks or other areas of the business.

    If one single task can be broken in various sub – tasks and, also the same then can be broken into some fraction of seconds or so, it is automated. Reading several pages, looking at the manuals, reviewing some clauses in any documents, applying several other logics to it, with the help of image processing, identifying some specific elements on those visuals etc., can be easily done. If automation is a realistic option, business leaders should absolutely embrace it.

  2. Boosting efficiency

    Look at how AI has been a game changer in the entire episode of technology. Let’s think about the easiest example which has now become a household name. Alexa, Siri as voice assistants play a vital role in enabling technology reaching the common people and, engaging them. In many, if not most personal and business use cases, such voice assistants aren’t replacing anyone’s job. They’re just adding value and efficiency to jobs that already exist.

  3. Achieving a breakthrough

    Breakthroughs happen when someone sheds light on a blind spot. For many organizations, AI and machine learning enable people to overcome those blind spots, working through areas that seemed impossible or where the dots didn’t quite connect. In medicine, that could mean analyzing patient risk or enabling a new diagnostic product to come to market. In manufacturing, it could mean predicting defects before they happen.

    Or imagine being able to pull deeper meaning from every document in your company and, as a result, instantly spot patterns and trends. Imagine the advantages to legal teams reviewing contracts during an acquisition, or to medical researchers looking for signals in a sea of studies. In fact, solutions like Adobe Document Cloud, which includes Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Sign, and Adobe Scan, already use semantic technology to classify words, paragraphs, and lists to help you search for content easier and faster, for example.

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