Augmented Reality Applications for Real Life

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Augmented Reality Applications for Real Life

Augmented reality is the process of conflating the real world with technology. In the present scenario, augmented reality is dealt with digitally enhanced live video that includes a number of graphics and designs. Users are provided with specially designed goggles to view the screen of the mobile device that is equipped with a camera. Users can have the experience of seeing real world along with computer generated images and graphics. In general, augmented reality applications mix real life and virtual life in real time.
Augmented reality seems to be an excellent concept. The new technology bridges the gap between what the computer has generated and what is real. The recent developments in Smartphone technology gave rise to the development of Augmented Reality (AR) concept. For instance, users can view the layout of stars with the exact locations by just pointing out their devices to sky at night. Moreover, the Augmented Reality applications are affordable and can be downloaded by paying a very small amount.

Augmented Reality Applications

Top 5 AR applications for real life:

There are hundreds of AR applications. Users can find a variety of applications in various domains like – military, gaming, healthcare, medical, travel, sports, entertainment and many more. Below is the list of AR apps for real life that can be downloaded in Android or iPhone devices. By downloading these applications on their devices, users will be able to know more about what they can do with the camera and other sensors. AR applications add information to the reality in a number of ways.
1.Acrossair – This is one of the best AR applications. It is a browser, which can be used as navigator to reach the desired locations. Users can also find information on nearby locations by holding the Smartphone up and looking at the surroundings with the camera.
2.Augmented car finder – This is a car finder app, where users can find or locate their car parked at any crowded place. This application uses the camera on your Smartphone to search for your car. It gives appropriate directions to reach your car with the street address.
3.Augment– This is a reality application that makes users visualize everything in 3D. You can see anything including furniture, characters, moving objects etc in 3D.
4.Yelp Monocle – This AR app allow users to find for hotels, restaurants and other things in any unknown area. You can use this app to cover the information on the screen of your device.
5.Wikitude – This AR app is the best one to provide information on whatever the user captures. By starting the camera and holding the phone up, you will be able to get almost all information on the sight.
These were top 5 augmented reality applications that alter the sensing of users towards real world. There are a number of

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that are used for processes, which can change the face of real life. It is a trend that should be followed by everyone. The launch of new and innovative AR apps for real life has made the life interesting g and easier. Moreover, these applications take the abilities of your Smartphone to great heights. Your device will start performing a number of things which were never seen before.

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