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Apple has announced the new iOS 7 software update for the iOS devices at the Worldwide Developer Conference 2013 in San Francisco, USA.

The OS comes with a completely new look and feel. And Apple CEO Tim Cook says that it is the biggest change to iOS since introduction of iPhone.

Below we have listed the few important new features in iOS 7.

Flat design

The OS from Apple has completely redesigned flat icons. The iOS 7 has a new slide-up control panel, new fonts, new icons and new translucent bars.
iOS 7 has a new font leading the way, which is Helvetica Neue Ultra. It’s very skinny, clean.
• Instead of white bars on a black background, the service coverage is shown have with five little dots, which are white and grey depending on how strong the signal is across a translucent background.
• New lock screen, thanks Apple for first ever change for making a change in iOS history. Now Slide to unlock is translucent above the background image.
• Default app icons are now flatter.
• The notifications panel isn’t laced with dark grey linen anymore, but actually has a very flat look to it. There is a today view, that lets you see friends birthdays, upcoming invitations, calendar, stocks, and a quick look at tomorrow.
• The keyboard is more white, than grey, with a translucency that lets you see what’s underneath the keyboard

Control Center

iOS 7 is introducing Control Center for quickest way to open the common settings. A swipe up from the screen bottom opens the Control panel, and lets users change wireless modes, Do Not Disturb, screen brightness and music playback. You will be surprised by seeing a short cut for camera, calculator, timer and a flashlight!!

New Siri

Apple has also revamped the Siri feature with a new male voice. Siri now offers the facility to search Twitter and Wikipedia, said Apple. The visual UI has also been upgraded, with a sound wave going along the bottom. Siri has also been integrated with settings, letting you tell her/him to turn on bluetooth, or lower the screen brightness. And now Siri comes with few more languages.


• The Safari web browser has a new tab interface with a complete redesign. There is also the provision of one-tap access to Safari favourites of the user.
• Tabs come with a totally new interface, scrolling in a vertical carousel, and there are no longer any limits unlike the just 8 tabs like before. Swipe a tab off to the side to throw it away.

New Gestures

iOS 7 also has a gesture back button for apps. Apple has introduced the multitasking feature for all apps.

Air Drop

You can share files with other people by simply tapping their name. As per Apple, AirDrop is an entirely new way to quickly and easily share content with people nearby. When you’ve got something you want to share, AirDrop shows you your contacts close by. Just select who you want to share with and AirDrop does the rest. AirDrop transfers are peer-to-peer so you can use it anywhere, without any network or set up required, and transfers are fully encrypted so your content is protected and private.

Activation Lock

Its very important when your phone is stolen. if someone steals your phone and chooses to disable Find My iPhone, he won’t be able to reactivate the phone until he enters your iCloud password. Same if they wipe the phone — they’ll be forced to sign in with your credentials. Also you can also block messages and calls from specific users.

Other Features

Other than the above features, Apple claims there are several new features present in iOS 7. Few are detailed below.
Photos can now be automatically organized based on time and location with the new Moments. The new iTunes Radio service for tuning to 200 stations. Some good news on App Store, now you can search the apps based on location, for example you can search apps related to Statue of Liberty in New York City. Also now iOS 7 allows to auto upgrade the apps within the background, no more extra time required for you to upgrade apps manually. Apart from that, several system-wide improvement and changes have been implemented.

iOS 7 Features


So how more waiting? When can we get our hands on that new refreshed flat design worlds most advanced mobile OS? Does your device has hardware capability? iOS 7 will be available on iPhone 5 and retina iPad, iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini and 5th-generation iPods. Developers will get a version for iPhones today, and end users will get some time in this fall.

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