Annual Day and Decagon awards @Mobinius

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We have always been proud of employee friendly entity and believe in the growth and overall personality of our employees as for us they are not only our employees, but our key strengths who drive the organization.  On the same lines we held our annual day awards which was already making the news as there was a lot of curiosity around and, which was definitely worth looking forward for. Oh, and it began with so much fun and, great enthusiasm across!! It was such a beautiful time spent together with loads of enthusiasm and, energy too. This much needed outing was well planned and, also served as a good break for us.  This time it was different and, since we always believe to have a lot of fun-time even when we are working, it’s always amazing to catch up with our team spirit. As we all know employees are the most important asset to an organization as always and, it becomes a bigger better grander celebration than always when we have such amazing folks with us always.
The most awaited one was the “Decagon awards”, which we initiated keeping in mind the overall traits and, qualities for leadership, enabling to showcarng the excellence in them. We chose different categories as under,

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