Annual Celebrations @Mobinius

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With the new year rising with a dawn of newfound happiness, several goals to focus on and keeping our targets in mind, we all are really glad and look forward for a new beginning. Having said this, we are proud to start our year with our annual day celebrations! It was a great evening filled with all the pretty girls and smart guys with smiling faces and looking just fab! The celebrations started with a bang, as our 1st event was – Fashion Show, in which we had partners walking in together with happy faces. This was followed by playing a number game in which we had enthusiastic participants, reciting numbers in a hilarious way!

We also had funny awards for some participants who love to eat, who are too busy to even get up from the system or who are early risers, i.e coming to office early, some who are natural entertainers, singers, talkative people, love reading books etc. It was fun to see the amount of participation coming in from the people across. Post some games and awards, we had solo performances, followed by a group skit depicting the life of an IT employee and what happens when the same person goes leaves his/her profession and tries the luck outside. All said and done, it was indeed a hilarious skit. Post this, we had some solo performances – instrumental, rapping and a stand-up comedy along with a lyrical performance, post which there was an interesting Q & A session with the leadership team, pertaining to the growth, goals and the future etc.
The evening ended with shaking a leg on the hip-hop music, dancing to the groove and living to the fullest! It was just an amazing time spent with all the Mobinauts letting their free spirit loosen themselves and enjoy!!!

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