An Android App Developer Makes Your Android Phone Smart

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Android smartphones and iPhones are ruling the cell phone market these days. Every person you see holds a smartphone. These are the two most popular platforms. There are others like Windows, Blackberry, and Firefox OS too, but not as popular as them. Smartphones are useful because of the apps they can run. The android market is filled with different kinds of apps that perform every function you need. An android app developer is who develops these apps for Android phones.

From simple functions like calculators and calendar management to even complex ones like banking and e-commerce, you have android apps for all your needs. The android app developer puts in a whole lot of effort to get all these done for you. There are a number of challenges they face to launch a successful app. Since android devices come in a wide range of sizes and makes, they need to make sure that the app supports all the devices. With constant updates and additional features implemented every now and then, the job is even tougher.
Even an iPhone app developer faces all such issues. Every year, a new version of IOS is released by Apple. With this, they launch new phones and iPads of varying screen sizes and resolutions. A universal app needs to incorporate all this in a single app. Only then will you be able to target a wider audience.

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Customer satisfaction is the main part of developing an app. You need to get your app well tested by the general public to get an idea about what they think. An iPhone app developer makes regular updates and changes depending on the user requirements and feedback. Next time you use a smartphone, pause and think about how much effort goes in to developing the app to make your life simpler.

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