A to Z Guide to Select the Best Cloud Solutions for Web App Development

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Cloud is a revolutionary service with millions of users getting their hands onto its branches. According to the survey, about 83% of people have adopted cloud solutions until 2020. In this guide, you will understand everything about cloud solutions that will make your web app development awesome.

Choosing the correct cloud platform for web app development 

If you are setting a cloud platform for the first time, you might find it to bed a little complicated. In such a case, you can always take help from other developers or business houses that have a cloud-based experience. This way, you do not have to start from everything from scratch, and you already have the expertise of managing clouds. You can also go for a cloud computing Services Company as they will help you choose the most appropriate cloud platform for you. 

Let’s discuss these platforms or cloud computing services in detail

  • Infrastructure as a service:

If you are making use of this particular platform, you will have access to things such as networking systems, cloud servers for operating systems and programs, and the most important of all data storage. This platform can be very beneficial for those people who do not want to have an infrastructure of their own. These people will get infrastructure for themselves online with the cloud. Other than this, the user can also customize the infrastructure in the desired way, and they have full control over it.

  • Platform as a service:

It gives you an environment where you can build your apps. For making the best use of the environment, there are specific tools that a web app development company should use same such as hardware, databases, operating system, tools for testing, developing tools, and middleware. 

Advantages of using a platform as a service for cloud developers:

1. Less amount of coding for your app as you get an already developed environment. 

2. Customize things as wishing them to be. 

3. The mechanism that makes the development of the app secure. 

Although, if you go for a platform as a service, it is advisable to take the help of professional developers or a cloud computing company to build an app.  

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  • Software as a service: 

As the name suggests, software as a service is a service provided on the internet that you need to subscribe to. This particular platform is useful if a business house does not enough time to build an infrastructure to deploy its app. 

This platform is appreciated for short term projects or for software that has been fulfilling the demands of only a particular section of the audience or specific audience. 

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You can also make use of the internet of things available in the cloud platforms for your software to make it more flexible and up to date. 

Things you need to consider if you are choosing a cloud platform:

The things mentioned below are essential, no matter whichever cloud platform you use. 

  • Make sure you have the desired and quality and stability for your app. If this doesn’t happen, then there is a chance that when a lot of people use the app, then it might break down or slow down. 
  • Look for the tech support level as it would provide you assistance with the maintenance of the app, in case anything goes wrong. 
  • Look at the number of customers that are currently using the service which you are planning to use. More the number of customers, more you can trust the service (in most cases).
  • Go through the updated policy. This is important to provide consistently excellent customer experience and the smooth running of the application. 
  • Also, see the terms of data security to make sure that the data of your users is always safe, and they are no chances of breach and fraud. 
  • Pricing is also an essential factor. Make use of all the discounts and special offers judiciously so that you get the best result at a low cost. 

Another piece of advice is that they do not run when things come to cloud computing. Evaluate things properly and try that you can work on the terms and conditions that are set up you.

Be sure that your business is ready for a cloud-based system

It does not mean that if your competitor is going for a cloud-based system, you have to follow him or her. Instead, you need to access the requirements of your business and analyze all the present technology. Go to cloud computing only if you see that the current problems you are facing can be solved by using it. Moreover, shifting to cloud computing should not create any new business problem. 

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Some Final Words

One can go for hybrid cloud computing companies to avail of the cloud computing benefits to the maximum. The cloud computing technology companies will also provide you the correct advice on the choice of platforms and services you need to avail. They would also help you make better use of existing technologies with the cloud. Also, before implementing cloud computing, make sure that your employees are ready to work with it.


For the purpose mentioned above, one should always go for PaaS. The full form of PaaS is a platform as a service. It is a specialized cloud computing platform that gives liberty to the users to develop, manage, and deliver applications in the cloud environment. 

The cloud computing companies provide three main services of cloud computing, namely software as a service, infrastructure as a service and platform as a service. These three together make the cloud computing stack. You can take the help of a cloud computing service Provider Company to utilize these platforms in a better way. 

The answer to this question can be much personalized. Some people find it very simple, while others may find it difficult. Overall a general view is that cloud computing is effortless and not at all complicated. The data on the cloud is stored on the remote machines from where you can retrieve the data only through the internet. 

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