A Comprehensive Guide To Create PWA App with React Native

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PWA’s are of immense importance nowadays, because of the several benefits it delivers to the programmers. An application can be more progressive if one does not need to write the whole code again and again. Using React Native, one can make the most progressive applications with minimum requirements.

Developing a PWA App Using React Native:

Network connection:

Before you start developing a PWA, the most basic requirement is a secure network. The Http web pages were not listed as safe pages by Google, sometime back and therefore, PWA Google developers suggest the use of HTTPS pages that are considered to be secure is essential for PWA. This would ensure security and create the desired amount of trust among your users. To use HTTPS smoothly, one can use service workers in PWA and activate the home screen installments.

Add to home screen option:

One has to keep in mind that whatever we are doing, it is to gain the trust of our users and make their experience better. So, after securing your network, you should give your users ‘add to home screen option’. This would increase the user experience. If you want to implement this feature, a progressive web app development service should add Web App Manifest or manifest.json file to PWA.

PWA Development

Web app Manifest:

A PWA Development Company has to ensure that the user can download the application on their mobile device without any problem. To ensure that the user downloads the application smoothly, one can add the manifest.json file directly in the directory of the application. It would contain the following details of the applications such as name, description, icons and splash screen.

The manifest.json is an important thing in PWA App Development, as it would make sure that how the app appears on the home screen of the user. It contains metadata in the public folder, which is in charge of the appearance of your application. If you do not wish to write manifest while on your own, you can take the help of a tool that would facilitate your work.

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React Native mobile apps are user-friendly, but while working with things such as manifest.json you might come across some terms in its coding process. A few of them are discussed below:

  • Short_name: It is the name of the application that would appear on your Home screen after its addition.
  • Name: This name is the one when the browser will give the option to the user to add the application to their home screen. It would be displayed like “Add ‘name of the app’ to Home screen.
  • Icons: As the name suggests, it is the icon of your application that the user will be able to see on their respective home screen.
  • Start_url: PWA would start its journey with this URL.
  • Theme_color: If you want to specify the toolbar colour of your browser, then you can make the use of this code.
  • Background_color: When the application is launched with this particular code, the programmer would be able to change the background colour of the splash screen.
  • Display: With this particular code, you can set the view of your application on the browser. You can go for a separate window to open the application or run it on a full screen.

When you go for PWA app development services with this information, you can check whether the company has the basic knowledge of things or not, or they are a fraud.

Custom Splash screen:

If it’s your introduction to progressive web apps, then in your first attempt, you will notice that till the application is completely ready, the android would display a white screen. Mobile app development can be a very interesting thing when we know the key pointers. Here, if you have customized the splash screen, then you would not see a white or blank screen. Otherwise, they may hang on sometimes for larger spans.

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A react native development company knows very well that this feature is very important if you want to give your application the feel of native applications. This is so because, with a custom splash screen, you will be able to add custom background as well as a custom icon for PWA.

Service worker:

Last in the list is the service worker. If you hire PWA app developers, they would be well acquainted with it. This is the function or process that runs in the background of the application unknown to the users. It is a background script. It mainly performs two functions, the first one is to intercept background network request, and the other function includes intercepting cache information for offline purposes. This service worker is also in charge of taking control over various other things such as installations, push notifications, caching, etc.

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Some Final Words

There are several reasons because of which one can opt for PWA’s. The major advantage they offer over the native applications is that they are compact. The quality of the network is also not a big issue for them, despite that they work very fast. One will not be disturbed with regular demand for updates. PWA development cost is also low. The PWA’s best part is that it is operational both online and offline. With the use of a home screen icon, one can access it with a direct click. So, stop waiting, hire PWA app developers today?


React native and PWA, are two things that are poles apart. React native is an application written in JavaScript and PWA, is a web application.

The full form of PWA is progressive web applications. They are built by web developers in such a way that despite being web applications, they can behave like native applications. They can be created with the use of React.

The answer to this question is definitely yes. The PWA works better than the native applications and is preferred more because they use less amount of data to operate.

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