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Collaborate to Innovate

The automotive industry is on the cusp of one of the biggest changes in its 100-year history. As car manufacturers wrestle with the fundamental challenges presented by technology innovation and the coming shift to battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs), there are compelling signs that the industry’s traditional business model is set to give way to a radical new approach.

Based on our global experience of working with many automotive manufacturers over the few years, we at Mobinius believe that, in the future, the most successful car manufacturers will be those that transform into businesses that operate more like high-technology companies. In the process, the car itself will become not merely a device for mobility, but a “mobile device” in the same sense that technology companies understand the term – a platform for innovative, compelling applications that enrich the user’s experience.

Therefore the dominant industry players in the car’s next century will be those that understand and embrace this shift early. This will require them to work with the right partners to build a global framework and infrastructure that ensures they’re successfully able to meet the differing demands and requirements of diverse markets and customers, while also supporting growth in a way that’s environmentally sustainable.

When you begin to think about the car as a connected, mobile device, the possibilities are compelling –
  • Vehicles will be able to access and act upon all manner of external information and content, from analyzing real-time road and traffic data, to movie downloads for passengers in the back seat – as well as whole new classes of innovative apps built specifically for cars, such as ones that will allow engine tuning, or signal when and where to top up your EV’s battery
  • Cars can communicate electronically with other vehicles on the road (and, indeed, with the road itself) in real time, exchanging information such as their current speed, performance data, road conditions and precise location, it opens up a whole new vista for accident-avoidance, traffic-flow and parking management solutions – ultimately, even, the self-driving vehicle

Just as happened with mechanical components a generation ago, car manufacturers are beginning to accept that when it comes to new technology there are no great gains to be had in reinventing the wheel, widget or web app. They need to partner with technology infrastructure, service and content providers to make their in-car platform the most compelling for potential users of their vehicles.

Why Mobinius?
  • In the highly competitive automotive industry, product development and time to market must be as fast as possible—without sacrificing innovation
  • Companies must optimize complex supply chains to avoid getting bogged down in logistics
  • An open, standards-based approach maximizes value from legacy environments while enabling ongoing technological innovation
  • Deep, insightful business intelligence enables decisions that can have positive effects for years
  • Strong customer relationships and superior service are essential to maintaining brand loyalty
Mobinius in Automotive –
  • Mobinius provides the most holistic, accurate, and actionable global planning capabilities with sales and operations planning solutions
  • Mobinius delivers comprehensive, integrated business planning solutions that align operational plans to financial targets
  • With industry-leading CRM solutions, Mobinius enables automotive companies to deliver superior customer experiences
  • Only Mobinius provides a complete, open, and integrated technology stack—from applications to disk
  • Mobinius’ comprehensive offerings include leading product lifecycle and business intelligence solutions
  • Mobinius provides rich user interfaces, industry-standard development environments, and in-car control